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Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

On Sun, 09 July 2000, "Daniel Wagner" wrote:

Dear Hadassah:

Your answer regarding Franciszkanska Street is indeed very interesting. I
was wondering if you could share with us what the "Property Archives" is,
where it is, how to contact and interact with them etc.
Thank you for any help about this.
Daniel Wagner

Originally, I sent a friend into the Property Archives (which I believe is called the Hipoteka) and I gave him one of the lot numbers that I was looking for and asked him to check the file. He reported back that the file for that property was over 500 pages thick and consisted of two volumes. He did not go thru the files much, as there were many items in Russian legalize which he claimed gave him goose bumps trying to figure out. Then on my recent visit to Warszawa, I went to check it out myself. The file contained family wills and vital records providing proof of relationship. There were also several legal judgement documents because portions of the property were sold off (to an in-law) and the buyer allegedly owed money to a kehilla in a town in Lublin Gubernia. I was not able to get copies of any of the documents but instead wrote notes. I was told that you are not allowed.

I was not able to document everything that I needed and I have other lots numbers >from other sides of my family. I am investigating hiring someone to go in and do the extracts for these other lots. I will let you know my progress as it comes along.

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, Ny

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