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Dear SIG,

How to begin. First of all let me thank Hadassah for all her help in the
past year trying to track down my family >from Warsaw. Second of all, let me
tell all of you not to give up. The littlest clue will lead you to
treasure. A little over a year ago I started to put together a book for my
family on our history. I knew quite a bit about my mgm's family and where
they came >from in the Ukraine. My mgf's family was a mystery to me. I knew
he had been born in Warsaw around 1890 but that was about it. I knew he had
brothers and sisters but for some reason we had no contact with them for
over 50 yrs. Our original name was Gerkowicz but it had been changed to
Gerrick. Through the phone book and then Jewishgen I had located family in
the Chicago area where I am >from and in Texas and California. That in
itself was a blessing but there was more to come.

My Chicago cousin told me about one of my grandfather's brothers that hadn't
immigrated to U.S. when the rest of the family did. He had stayed in
Warsaw. None of my grandfather's daughters had ever heard of this brother
but my cousin was sure he existed. I tried to track him down through
JRI-Poland with Hadassah's help but to no avail. I did find a listing for
him in the Warsaw cemetery but there the lead ended. One day surfing the
net I came across the Holocaust Memorial site in Washington, D.C. As a last
chance I sent them an e-mail asking if they had anyone registered there by
the name of Gerkowicz >from Warsaw. They e-mailed me back that they had one
man registered. They couldn't tell me any more but sent me a form to fill
out that they would then send to him. If he wanted to contact me, he would.
This was a few months ago. Well...this man called a few weeks ago and he is
my cousin. His father was my grandfather's brother. He is 86 yrs old and a
wonderful man. I sent him a letter with pictures of our family. This
morning his daughter called me. They are so excited that we contacted them.
Hopefully we will get together in the coming months.

The point is...don't give up. Follow every clue and idea that you have.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. This will be the best one that I
have ever had.

Meryl Goldberg

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