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Paul W. Ginsburg <pginsburg@...>

Can you remember what you did when you first discovered the name of your
ancestral shtetl? Did you try to find it on a map, or did you know to go
right to JewishGen's Shtetlseeker where lo and behold, there it was with a
star marking the exact location. You may have looked at that spot over and
over and began to dream about going there yourself someday. If that has been
your dream, it can become reality. JewishGen ShtetlSchleppers can take you

Let 2001 be the year when you will actually visit that shtetl of your
ancestry, walk in the footsteps of your parents, your grandparents, your
great grand parents . As the Talmudic saying goes..."if not now, when? Let
this be the year that "when" becomes "now".

Explore the itineraries which take you to a hub city, provide the best in
touring sites of Jewish interest, introduce you to local leaders and then,
with your own private guide/driver/translator, really **live** the dream.
visit the place where your family originated. To get a better idea of making
this work for you..
<http://www.jewishgen.org/shtetlschleppers/>. And what about London2001,
the International Summer Seminar?

Whether your plans include visiting before or after, but definitely 'in
conjunction with' London2001, the International Jewish Genealogy Summer
Seminar, be sure to sign up early . You will not only be sure of reserving
space, but most importantly you'll allow plenty of time for productive

The plans and schedules for London2001 are now online and linked >from the
JewishGen home page. It's a tremendous program with more than enough to meet
every interest. Have you looked, have you made your conference or hotel
reservation? Before you make your airline reservations, come and take a look

With advance planning and some smooth scheduling on the part of Joanna
Fletcher, JewishGen's ShtetlSchlepper Travel Manager it may be possible to
include London in the flight package for a pre- or post- conference
ShtetlSchlepper package enabling savings on airfares.

Finally, to accommodate those who have either already visited their
ancestral origins or have not yet reached that point in their research to
take that step, ShtetlSchleppers has created two or three-country cultural
where you can visit Prague & Vienna, or Prague, Vienna & Budapest, all three
known for their breathtaking architecture and rich in Jewish history. It's
all online awaiting your visit.
-scheduled group departures,
-customized independent travel,
-two or three country cultural tours, and finally
- favorable air fares >from most cities to London2001

So whatever your dreams, whatever your travel interests may be in
conjunction with the London conference, Let JewishGen ShtetlSchleppers take
you there!


Paul W. Ginsburg
ShtetlSchleppers Project Manager

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