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When I saw this note I realized that I had not seen you in a while and I'd
like to thank you for remembering my Moczydlower family.

I still have not heard >from the PSA. But Boleslaw Szenicer has become my best
friend. After I received a photograph of a stone I learned about through JRI
Poland, I thanked him and asked him if he knew of any Moczydlowers. He
replied with three names. I sent him a check for $100 and received more
photos in record time. I didn't think anything could happen so fast in
Poland. None of the names could be connected so far, but the name is unusual
enough to assume there will be a connection.

I'm wondering if we have any connections at the cemetery in Praga. My mother
told me that her family lived in Praga.

Thanks again,

Mike Levine

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