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Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Mike asks about the Jewish Cemetery in Praga....

I'm wondering if we have any connections at the cemetery in Praga. My
told me that her family lived in Praga.

In May, I visited the Cemetery in Praga. The Cemetery has a gate with a
memorial for Shmuel Zbitkower, a well known and influential Jew >from the
18th Century who lived in Praga. However, most of the cemetery was
destroyed by the Nazis and the stones were used for building roads. There
is one large area of the cemetery were the Nazis accumulated thousands of
stones and stacked them. It is really quite heartbreaking. If anyone is
interested in setting up some type of website for it, I will donate my

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

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