Warszawa Research Group #Warsaw #Poland Re: warszawa digest: August 28, 2001 #warsaw #poland

Andrew Nusbaum <scrooge50@...>

Dear friends and fellow Warszawa researchers,

I have evidence that my family (Nusbaum and Greenberg) were >from Warszawa. I
have the birth dates of two of my g.grandfather's siblings, a sister Yetta
in 1879, and a brother Abraham in 1904. I also suspect that my
g.g.grandfather, Max (possibly Mordechai) Nusbaum died and was buried in
Warszawa. Yetta married Solomon Kamper, and had 5 kids with him, 4 of which
died, IN POLAND, before 1930. Might I be able to contact the Polish Archives
to look for their birth/death records?

Do I have enough to make it WORTH contacting the Archives in the first
place? Or should I try and gather more info? Is there any way to see if my
g.g.grandfather is buried in Warszawa?

Unfortunately, it seems that my Nusbaum relatives are good at hiding... I
still have yet to find them in a single census record. <g> At least then I
might know when some of them immigrated.

Also, can someone please give me a rough estimate of how much this all might
cost- I'm still in High School, and money, as you all know, doesn't come

Thanks much,

Andrew Nusbaum

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