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I have a copy of what appears to be my father's gymnasium graduation papers.
It reads, "Kuratorjum Okregu Szkolnego Warszawskiego Panstowowa Komisja
Egzaminacyjna. Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci" It then goes on to say, "po
ukonczeniu nauki w 1 szem Gimnazijum meskiem Zwiazku Zawodowego
Nauczycielstwa Polskich Fzkot [or Lzkot] Fredrich w Warszawie" and it goes
on later to give what I believe is his student number. My question is this:
Does any of this information indicate what gymnasium he attended? Does
anyone know where this school was located or anything about it? Where could
the archives for this school be found? Also, at the top of this document
there is a stamped addition that says, "Uniwersytet Warszawski
Imatrykulowany dn 30 IX 1930 jako student ___ Wyds. pvawa L. Alb. 33258".
Would this be his student I.D. number at the University of Warsaw?
George Mason (Mozeson)

Looking for MOZESON in Warsaw

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