Warszawa Research Group #Warsaw #Poland Re: warszawa digest: December 15, 2003 #poland #warsaw

Anna Rogozinska <milady@...>


WRGd> I have a copy of what appears to be my father's gymnasium graduation papers.
WRGd> It reads, "Kuratorjum Okregu Szkolnego Warszawskiego Panstowowa Komisja
WRGd> Egzaminacyjna. Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci" It then goes on to say, "po
WRGd> ukonczeniu nauki w 1 szem Gimnazijum meskiem Zwiazku Zawodowego
WRGd> Nauczycielstwa Polskich Fzkot [or Lzkot] Fredrich w Warszawie" and it goes
WRGd> on later to give what I believe is his student number. My question is this:
WRGd> Does any of this information indicate what gymnasium he attended?
Yes. It's the 1st Male Gymnasium of Teachers' Trade's Union
Fzkot(Lzkot) Fredrich in Warsaw.

WRGd> there is a stamped addition that says, "Uniwersytet Warszawski
WRGd> Imatrykulowany dn 30 IX 1930 jako student ___ Wyds. pvawa L. Alb. 33258".
WRGd> Would this be his student I.D. number at the University of Warsaw?
Yes, to be exact it seems he was a student of the Law Faculty.


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