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Sara Crystal <scrapbasket@...>

dear Pierre, there is an excellent chance we are cousins of some kind.
Also there are some other probable Crystal/Krysztal relatives near
Paris and in Israel, but I am just beginning communications. I have
been searching hard for my missing relatives and family history for a
year, though I always asked questions. I was never able to find out
much before. My father knew very little, not even his grandparents'
names.This is all part of some screwy family dynamics. My grandmother
Jennie Crystal was very restricted in her relationships and
communication about our history. Now my father Daniel Crystal has died
and I have one living uncle Harold who doesnt know much.
. There are about 40 Crystals
in the US of our branch,all good people, living on the East Coast
Have you made much progress in your family research? Our family story
goes like this: The Crystal/Krystal family was living in/near
Warsaw.There were at least 6-7 children born to Chaim Krystal and Yetta
Shupack. George/Gdalja was born 1879, an older brother before that, my
future grandfather Joseph/Yosef?Krystal May 1882. The older brother
went to Paris and became a successful diamond jewelry maker/merchant.
George went to him and then immigrated to Newark NJ, USA in 1904,
sending for his wife Rose/Ruchla/Rachel and their children in 1906.
Joseph ran away >from the draft and went to his older brother in Paris
and then to Montreal and Boston and then to George in NJ, 1907. In
1909 he married my grandmother Jennie Rabinowitz and they remained in
NJ, raising 6 children, 5 brothers. All the children achieved higher
education as did the next generation.
The brothers and sisters and families who remained in Poland mostly
perished in the Warsaw Ghetto, but some survived and contacted my
father Daniel Crystal after the war >from Paris and Israel.Addresses are
Your Lea Cristal is >from the right area and time and would probably be
an aunt to my Crystals(sister of Chaim?) since Wolf was born at the
same time as the Crystal brothers. New research is turning up some
more info in Grawejo, Poland, (Rose Crystal) and Lodz (George's
marriage) and Piotrkow Gubernia(George's immigration info, Ellis
Island). It is just starting to come together, there are a lot of big
holes yet. I was just working on some stuff this week that may take me
a little farther back but my earliest confirmed info is "George being
born 1879".I havent found the family in JRI Poland yet.
I am very excited and happy to hear >from you. Where in France are you?
Love, your new cousin, Sara Crystal 36 Randwick Ave, Oakland, Ca 94611

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