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Peter Lebensold


Can you read Hebrew? Then maybe you can help connect two
big branches of the Gelbfish/Gelbfisz family!

I have just posted on ViewMate - at JewishGen - three
pages of reminiscences (or maybe just family history) that
were written down (very neatly, in Hebrew) by Binyamin
(Bainish) Ben Menachem (family name changed >from
Gelbfish), born 1901 Warsaw, passed away 1994 or 1995 in

I've been told by his nephew that Bainish recalled meeting
- while a child in Warsaw - my grandfather (or maybe even
great-grandfather!) ... and that he knew the names of his
own ancestors back to the early 19th century - who
(according to Bainish's recollection) would also have been
my own ancestors.

So you can understand my anticipation at getting - if
someone is so kind - a word-for-word translation of the
document. (By the way, the document would also tell us
the names of the great- and gg-grandfather of my
great-uncle Schmuel Gelbfisz, who changed his name to Sam
Goldwyn and had some success in the movie business!)

The document appears as ViewMate files # VM5617, VM5618
and VM5619 ... or link directly here:


Please contact me privately - and thanks in advance for
your time and help.

Peter Lebensold
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