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Ella Barkan <elbarkan@...>

Thank you for the information, does it means that each one of the directors
holds the data without sharing it with the other? Is it not data that
belongs to the community? Very odd!

Did each one of them ask you for donation as well? I will appreciate getting
Boleslaw Szenicer e-mail or address. Yisroel Szpilman has 27.000 records;
can I presume that they are not the same as those of Boleslaw Szenicer?

Do you have any idea what is a reasonable sum to donate?

I hope it is not too many questions.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

All the best,

Ella Barkan

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As of earlier this year, there was a 2nd database of about 50,000 records
from the Warsaw Cemetery that is held by the previous Cemetery Director,
Boleslaw Szenicer. Part of the story is described at:
http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/warsaw/warsawcem.htm I do not believe
Yisroel Szpilman had this data although this situation could have changed.
I have persaonally dealt with both men and they have both been very
If anyone needs contact information for Szenicer please contact me
Robert Zavos
Pittsburgh PA, USA
searching Zawoznik (Raczki ,Suwalki, Poland,Lithuania) Szczupacki/Siff
(Senje, Suwalki, USA) Menzer (Romania), Pervin (Berdichev,Ukraine)
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WARSZAWA Digest for Tuesday, November 29, 2005.
1. Re: Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw
2. Plot 668 in Warszawa

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