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Kris Murawski <kris.murawski@...>

In compiling lists of my family members who lived in Warszawa during the
mid 1800's, I have found quite a few of them who lived at house number
1809. This corresponds to street address Franciszkanska 6-10 (the precise
street address on Franciszkanska seems to depend on which source of data I
use). I can identify about 10 different family members who were
residents -- with 4 different surnames. Different people resided there at
different times over a 50-year period, and in some cases the relationship
was no closer than that of distant cousin. There were another dozen or so
of my relatives that resided in the near vicinity. There's no other
address in Warszawa for which there is such a large cluster of my

So I'm wondering whether there might have been something special about
that address (or its neighbors). Was it a huge tenement building? Was it
a religious headquarters? Or does it simply turn out that families
clustered in a single area? Does anyone know?



Number 1809 designates a lot, not a house. In this particular case, lot
1809 was divided into three parts, each of them belonging to a different
owner. There were three buildings, apparently three tenement houses, on
sub-lots 1809a (Franciszkanska 6), 1809b (Franciszkanska 8) and 1809cd
(Franciszkanska 10), respectively.
At http://www.przodkowie.com/warszawa/ you can see all residents of those
three apartment houses, as of 1854. At Franciszkanska 6 (built on lot
1809a) there were 66 residents in 1854. One may assume that most of the
names represented households rather than single individuals, and families
could be quite numerous. At Franciszkanska 8 (lot 1809b) - there were 21
households, and at Franciszkanska 10 (lot 1809cd) - 18 households. In other
words, several hundred people lived in those three tenement houses in 1854.
I do not know the answer to your questions. Jewish people clustered in
certain areas. Families used to stick together. People would move in with
relatives and stay forever. Perhaps the house owner's name could provide
some explanation.
Kris Murawski
Annandale, VA

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