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Dear All,
I have recently traced my great grandparents to Poland. This, I managed
through the UK 1891 Census. Within this, their birthplace is written as
'Warslow, Poland'. As many of you will understand, this is based upon
the Census Enumerator's interpretation of how this sounded in English
but with a Polish accent. It would have been written phonetically. I
cannot trace a town as it is currently spelt and therefore have had to
look at alphabetic variations as I have no idea how certain letters are
pronounced in Polish. This has thrown up quite a few possibilities
spread across the whole of Poland and still left me some distance from
the truth. Therefore, I hope that with your help, and with the opinion
of those that know the country/language well, the actual town may be
identified. Any thoughts gratefully received.=20

Many Thanks.
Philip moore


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