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Nicole BERLINE <nberline@...>

The information comes >from the big
database about the Warsaw ghetto, collected by Barbara Engelking-Boni
and Jacek Leoniak:


My family also lived on Muranowska. I could not find information about
Nicole BERLINE, Paris.

Joseph Greenbaum a écrit :

Dear Researchers,
I have been trying to find sources where more information could be gathered
about my family Listhaus (Listgauz - don't understand why it's spelled this
way?), who were originally >from Krasnystaw. I have been to Zydowski
Instytut Historyczny, the main Warsaw USC and the one in Stare Miasto, with
little to show for it other than my mother's birth certificate , which she
re-created following the War. You refer to a Ghetto Polish Record. Can you
expand on where this information is housed and how to get access to it and
are there other such databases where I could get more information about my
family, who lived in the Muranow neighborhood - at ul. Przebieg 1/m?.
Joseph Greenbaum
Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

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