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Hello there Everybody
I am searching information about my mother's family history and need some help.

My mother's maternal grandpearents were Nechuma-Szejna Morlender (born 1884 in siedlce, died 1926 in Warsawa) and Boruch-Lejb Galperyn/Halperin. they got Married in 1902 in Siedlce and had 3 children:

1. Yehoshua Halperin (born 1903 in warsaw, died 1965 in Tel Aviv, Israel) he married Rochel Begin (sister of late israeli PM Menahem Begin) and was the father of Ari (Born Warsawa 1938 - Died 1942 in Brest Ghetto, Belarus) and Emanuel (Born 1943 in Toshkent, Uzbekistan).

2. Yehudit/Judita (born April 4th 1904 in Warsawa, died February 1973 in Jerusalem, Israel) before WW2 she was an athlete and married a man called Arno Erb, who died during the war. she married Asher Gil (Gilipter) after immigrating to Israel.

3. my grandmother: Lija (or Lea, or Lola) Halperin (born June 10th 1909 in Warsawa, died December 20th 1951 in Raanana, Israel). Lola and my grandfather Bronislaw Sztraubaum (Born July 1st 1907 in Warsawa, died March 23rd 1972 in Jerusalem, Israel after changing his name to Dov Tibbon) got married on September 8th 1935 in Jerusalem and had 2 children: Ari Tibbon (born June 23rd 1937 in Jerusalem) and Nava-Meira (born July 1st 1946 in Jerusalem).

we don't know for sure anything else about this branch of the family, except for these bits recalled by Rochel Beggin (in old age):
1. Boruch-Leijb Halperyn had a brother named Chaim and sisters named Brunia, Frenia & Ester (who's married name was Weinsztock and had a son Lolek and a daughter Reginka). another brother or sister of Boruch-Lejb's had a son Tadeusz and a daughter Sala.

2. Boruch-Lejb Galperyn was somehow a relative (cousin or brother-in-law, we think) of an Aharon Goldberg >from Pinsk, Belarus (son of Nachum & Mirlya Alta Goldberg, father of Natan, Avraham & Gunia) who was given custody of Lola and her brother and sister when their pearents died).

3. in 1916, during the battle on Verdan in WW1, Yehoshua Halperin was in France studying french with a female relative of his who's last name was Farber. we have no idea who she was or how they were related.

4. Nechuma-Szejna Morlender's father died when she was young and her widowed mother married a widow named either Eliahu or Szmuel Barg. mr. Barg had a daughter called Frejda Lipshitz (born 1877 in siedlce -
died 1962 in Jerusalem, Israel) and MAYBE a set of twins called Gersz Wulf and Dawid >from his first wife, and with Nuchuma-Szejna's mother he had twins and MAYBE a dauhter named Helena.

5. Nechuma-Szejna Morlender is believed to be a grand daughter of Chaim Boruch Izrael MUHRENLANDER (1819-1890), chief Rabbi of Warsawa and author of "birkat Chaim" book, and a decendant of the REMA (Rabbi
Moses Isserles) but we have no way to proov that so far...

on her Paternal side My mother's grandpearents were Meir Sztraubaun & Rozelia-Rachel Himelfarb (died August 22nd 1966 in Warsawa). they had 7 children:

1. Stanislaw Yshayahu (Stach) - changed his last name to Olecki, married Dora Biderman and had a son Sevek (Simcha) Tibbon and a Daughter Zula (Shoshana) Reich.
2. my grandfather Bronislaw Sztraubaum, changed his name to Dov Tibbon after Immigrating to Israel.
3. Anna sztraubaum (born Dec. 24th 1912 Warsawa, died May 19th 1990 in Warsawa).
4. Helena (Hella) Sztraubaum (died Dec. 20th 1968 in Warsawa).
5. Alexander (Olek) - changed his last name to Olecki, married Irena (Irka) Berman (sister of communists Adolf & Jakub Berman) and had 2 daughters: Ania & Gusha.
6. Balla Szpyzman-Pavlovski, married Pinchas-Pyoter Szpyzman-Pavlovski and had 1 son: Ludvig "Bogush" elieazer Pavlovski (26.12.1938-21.7.1991)
7. Paula Kolek (1917-1940) was married to a man who turned her into the germans.

we know nothing else about the Sztraubaum - himelfarb families and cant seem to find Ania & Gusha Olecki.
if any of you finds anything familiar in this big mess or just knows better than me where and how to search for information and can help me put the pieces together I would be so greatful...

Thanx in advance,
Mattan Segev,
Jerusalem, Israel.

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