New web site: #galicia

Philip Trauring

Announcing the launch of, a web site focused on research
into the town of Kanczuga.

The web site is an attempt to consolidate information and content on
Kanczuga, as well as enable several innovative features for researchers.

One the first sections on the site includes photographs of two NY-area
cemetery sections purchased by Kanczuga Landsmanshaftn. Hundreds of
gravestones >from both cemeteries are posted online with the names from
the gravestones, and we are looking for volunteers to help index all the
information on the gravestones for submission to JOWBR.

The site is also organizing two projects as part of Gesher Galicia's
Cadastral Maps and Landowner Records project, looking for records in
Ukraine and Poland connected to Kanczuga, and also some 21 villages
that surrounded Kanczuga. Property owner records >from multiple years
have already been identified for Kanczuga in the L'viv archives - for
more information on this see the site.

We will be adding photo albums with photos of Kanczuga, but one
feature of the site is the ability of any user to upload their own photos
from Kanczuga to be included in a public user-contributed album. We
welcome submissions to this album >from anyone who has a photo or
document connected to Kanczuga or the surrounding villages. We will
also be accepting submissions for articles for the site, if you have
something connected to Kanczuga.

Please check out the site and we welcome
comments/feedback/suggestions/criticisms via the Contact page.

Thank you,

Philip Trauring
Gesher Galicia Town Historian for Kanczuga

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