Warszawa Research Group #Warsaw #Poland Re: Warsaw street directories before 1900 #poland #warsaw


Answer is YES to most of your questions!

1)The Warszawa Research Group has manually indexed several directories
for Warsaw.
Some posts to this list contain useful comments about how to use
the search tools on them. http://www.jewishgen.org/infofiles/warszawagroup.html

2)Many directories directories (not only Warsaw) are searchable in full
text ( names, adresses, profession etc. ) thanks to the wonderful work
of Logan Kleinwaks http://genealogyindexer.org/

3)The tombs in Warsaw Jewish Cemetary ( and other jewish cemetaries in
Poland) are indexed ( with information and photos) on

Nicole Berline, Paris

Are these available? are they searchable online?
I am looking for a family named ROSENBERG (a very common name
unfortunately) who lived in Warsaw around 1900.
in 1899 my great grandfather Menachem Moshe Meir ROSENBERG was born to
Yaakov Chanoch/ Heinach and Channa ROSENBERG in Warsaw, and he lived
there until he married in approx. 1917, his parents lived there
longer, however i don't know how long- presumably until they died.
Menachem Moshe Meir married in MOLAWA, Poland. Both his parents had
died by 1922.
What records could i find about this family? is it possible to search
the burial records? what about street directories? census records?

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