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Perhaps a clue may provide the information that all addresses listed in your
e-mail are contained within the area of the tannery factories of Pfeiffer
Brothers in Warsaw. The Fabryka Garbarska P. F. "Bracia Pfeiffer" was
located between Smocza 41-45, Gliniana 2-10, Okopowa 58-72, Niska,
Kampinoska 1-5 and Sochaczewska 1-3
You will find all these streets on a map of Warsaw. I found the map
included with the book "The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City" by
Engelking and Leociak very helpful, because it provides not only the street
names, but also the house numbers.
The Nowokarmelicka Street listed in your e-mail is not shown on the map.
Nowokarmelicka was the name of the section of Karmelicka between Gesia and
Niska. Nowowolynska I cannot identify; it must be somehow related to
Wolynska which is on the map. (I have the Polish version of the book, but I
assume that the same maps are included with the English version).
The puzzle of Niska 73, Kampinoska 1 and Sochaczewska 1-5 having the same
number (2313n) is rather simple: all these addresses are closely adjoining
each other and seem to be carved out >from apparently one real estate

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I have come across a puzzle about the house number (hypoteka) 2313 in the
1909 Warszawa directory http://ebuw.uw.edu.pl/Content/7572/directory.djvu
Starting page 889, there is a list of homeowners with the corresponding
house numbers and street adresses which is a treasure trove, all the more
because DJVU has a very efficient wordsearch engine.

There are many houses with number 2313, scattered along several streets,
some far apart.
Moreover, to add to the mystery, the same complete house number 2313n with
the same owner ( Pfeiffer bracia) appears at different street adresses.

I hope some of our experts can explain this situation.

Best regards
Nicole Berline, Paris.

here is the list

2313ab/33 Dzika 29
2313ab/32 Dzika 31
2313ab/31 Dzika 33
2313ab/1a Dzika 35
2313ab/w Dzika 37
2313ab/x Dzika 39
2313ab/y Dzika 41

2313f Gliniana 13
2313n Kampinowska 1

2313ab/.. Mila: all numbers >from 30 to 46, then 48,50,52,
2313a/2 Mila 61
2313a/3 Mila 63
2313a20 Mila 66
2313a/5 Mila 69

2313aby Nizka 31
2313abz Nizka 33
2313ab/59 Nizka 35
2313k Nizka 37
2313ab31a Nizka 39
2313ab/40 Nizka 41
2313ab/39 Nizka 43
2313ab/38 Nizka 45
2313ab/35 Nizka 47
2313ab/36 Nizka 49
2313o Nizka 51
2313p Nizka 53
2313h Nizka 55
2313a/17 Nizka 57
2313a/xx Nizka 61
2313n Nizka 73 (same house number and same owner as Kampinowska 1)

2313c Nowo-Karmelicka 7,9,
2313.... Nowo-Karmelicka 14,15,16,17,18,20

2313.... Nowo Wolynska 2,4,8

2313.... Okopowa 56,58
2313n Okopowa 58, 60, 62, 64, 68, 70 (same house number and same
owner as Kampinowska 1)
2313n Smocza 43,45
2313i Smocza 44
2313a/V Smocza 46
2313ab/XI Smocza 52
2313ab/V Smocza 54
2313n Sochaczewa 1,3,5 (same house number and same owner as
Kampinowska 1)

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