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Helen Gardner

Hi everyone.=20

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is =
on ViewMate at the following address ...

This is the first marriage, in Dec 1848, of my great grandmother Ruchla Laj=
a BLOMBERG to Abraham RAKOWER. In this record she is called Laja Ruchla. I=
don't need a full translation, but I'm interested in any names, dates, rel=
ationships or anything out of the ordinary.

I've posted another vital record in Russian this time for which I also need=
a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

This one is the marriage, in 1880, of Gitla RASTENBERG to Matys SZLINGENBAU=
M. I'm hoping that Gitla turns out to be the sister of my grandfather Szlam=
a RASTENBERG. I would appreciate any details which might help connect her t=
o my family, or not.

Both families were >from Warsaw.

Helen Gardner
Melbourne, Australia.

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