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Laura Mandel <lauracmandel@...>

I'm researching my great-grandfather, but I've had a difficult time
find any other records of the family. He was a notorious jokester and
apparently didn't share much about his background. Any help would be

Here's what I know:
Morris MANDEL (changed at Ellis Island >from MELAMED) was born c. 1895
in Warsaw, Poland. He married Sarah MELTZER in 1918 in NYC and they
had two children, Norman and Shirley. On his marriage record, Morris
lists Jacob MANDEL and Rose ROSENSWEIG as his parents. Sarah and
Morris later divorced and Morris remarried. Morris was a ladies'
hatmaker (milliner) throughout his life Morris died in 1966.

I was hoping to get some information about where Morris was from
through his immigration record, but that has proved tricky to find.
According to Sarah's naturalization record, Morris immigrated to the
US on March 10, 1914.
I found Elis Island records of Mojsche MELAMETH born in
WizikoLitowski, Russia (MODERN DAY Vysokaye, Belarus?) at age 20,
Hebrew, departing >from Rotterdam on ship Potsdam. His occupation is
difficult to read, but could say hats maker. His contact listed is
also hard to read, but looks like it could say father Janket MELAMET,
mocha W 55 Warsaw. Does anyone have an idea what that address means?
Also, would it make sense that he listed Wizikolitowski on the ellis
island record but listed Warsaw on all other records?

Naturalization records were also tricky to find. According to Sarah's
record, he was naturalized June 9th, 1925 at Bronx Supreme Court
Certificate Number 2196784, but I have had a difficult time finding
it. I found a petition number 39568 vol 158, admitted 5 21 25, no
2200603, but there is very little information on it.

I do know that Morris had a brother named Herschel MELAMED who moved
to Metz, France and had at least two children. The children, but not
Hershel, moved to Israel by the time of the Korean War when my
grandfather visited them on leave. Any ideas about how to track French
or Hebrew records appreciated as well.

Thanks for any help!



Searching for any variations of spelling for:
EINHORN/EINHALT/UNHORN: Unknown city, Austria/Hungary; New York
GREENBERG: Galicia, Poland; New York
GROSSMAN - Hungary (possible Barfa or Boteovo); Czechoslovakia;
Bayonne, New Jersey
MANDEL/MELAMED/MELAMETH - Warsaw, Poland; Metz, France; Israel
MELTZER: Minsk, Russia/Belarus, Vilnius?; New York
RABER/RABIN: Yaruba, Ukraine; Mohylviv, Podilskyy, Ukraine; New York
PEISNER: Uzhhorod Ukraine; New York
ROTH: Secovce, Slovakia
SCHERER: Ukraine; New York
SEED/SZUGY: Balassagyarmat, Hungary ; New York
STECHLER/STECKLER: Tarnow, Poland; New York

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