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Wendy Newman

After a long absence >from genealogy, I am trying to pick up where I left =
off about 5 years ago. I am thinking that much has changed in that =
My family has roots in Pulawy and Warsaw. I have visited the JewishGen =
site and see there might be vital records that are now available to =
I need some help in getting started to do this. =20
My family names were Nudelman, >from Pulawy. Then some of them moved to =
Warsaw. I only know of one Nudelman who emigrated to Australia.
The rest remained in Warsaw; supposedly, all but one disappeared in the =
Holocaust. One member went to Siberia during the war, survived, and =
emigrated to=20
Australia. This stateless family member=E2=80=99s documents showed =
parents as Avraham Nudelman and some variant of Toba/Dobra nee Cukier.
My grandfather, Chaim Nudelman, married a Taube Edelstein and emigrated =
to the U.S. with a big Edelstein clan.
Without overloading my audience with information, can anyone tell me =
what might be available on Family Search, etc. in terms of discovering =
Polish vital records.
I am planning a trip to Poland next year and am also wondering how I =
might go about visiting the archives without speaking any Polish.
I am looking forward to hearing >from you with ideas. Thanks in advance.
Wendy Newman
researching Nudelman, Edelstain, Cukier, Hirsch in Pulawy & Warsaw=

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