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Dear Austriaczechsiggers
As I mentioned in my re-introduction, I am researching my gggf Jakob
LAUFER (d. 1887) and his son-in-law Wilhelm REICH (ca 1823-1903).
To this effect, I have started studying some very small photographs, each
a little more than 2X3 inches, that were sent to my ggm by a first cousin
in the 1930's.

One shows the house of Jakob LAUFER and his family in Potworow
(I don't know the current name of this village). It looks like a typical
village family house but perhaps someone can suggest how I might get more
out of looking at it.

The other photos are of family graves in Rabenstein (Rabstejn) which
is near Potworow and Dereisen (Zderaz) which is near Koleschewitz
(Kolesivice) where the REICH family lived.

The most legible photo shows the grave of Wilhelm REICH in Dereisen
and reveals that he was the son of Henokh Eliyohu. I was able to read it
fairly easily with an ordinary magnifying glass.

A much harder problem is posed by a photo that squeezes in both
the graves of Jakob LAUFER and his wife Susanna. Both have very long
inscriptions. I tried having the photo enlarged photographically and made
little progress. But I have had something of a breakthrough by using a
binocular microscope (the Nikon Naturescope) which gives a sharp magnification
of 20X. So far I have found that Jakob LAUFER is the son of Harov Binyomin
Yehuda Ha-cohen. Unfortunately the stone of Susanna is proving even harder
to read but I have not given up.

The lesson >from this is that these little photos can contain a
tremendous amount of detail! If anyone knows how I can find out anything about
Henokh Eliyohu REICH (probably born between about 1760 and 1800) or
Rabbi Benyomin Juda Ha-cohen LAUFER (probably born between 1740 and 1780)
please let me know.


Charles Nydorf
New York
researching LAUFER >from Potworow and REICH >from Koleschewitz

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