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Stanley Diamond

Jewish Records Indexing =E2=80=93 Poland is extremely honored to=20
announce a historic agreement with Miriam Weiner and her=20
Routes to Roots Foundation (http://www.rtrfoundation.org/)=20
that will provide researchers of Polish Jewish family histories=20
with a wealth of new materials freely offered online through=20
the JRI-Poland website. =20

Miriam is an internationally acclaimed genealogist who was =20
instrumental in opening up archives in Eastern Europe and has=20
collected many interesting and important documents in over=20
30 years of research. Miriam has decided to make these=20
materials available to the public and chose JRI-Poland to be=20
the conduit for her Polish materials. In 2016, Board member =20
Mark Halpern visited Miriam=E2=80=99s archive (her home and storage=20
unit) to view her vast collection. His comment was =E2=80=9CAmazing!=E2=

Miriam is sharing her collection of Archival inventories, the=20
information that populates her award winning book, =E2=80=9CJewish=20
Roots in Poland,=E2=80=9D and her online Routes to Roots Foundation=20
archival inventory, but with more detail of value to researchers.=20
Miriam is sharing archival lists (tax, census, birth, burials,=20
memberships, etc.) that she copied over the years. These will =20
be processed and added to the online JRI-Poland database=20
in the next months and years.

A partial list of the contents of Miriam=E2=80=99s Polish materials can=
be found at=20
Included are many articles of interest >from Miriam=E2=80=99s book and=20
her website including chapters on 28 of the largest Jewish=20
towns in Poland providing an overall picture of those towns.

More about this important agreement can be found by clicking on
=E2=80=9CPlease read the full announcement=E2=80=9D link on the Miriam We=
banner of our homepage http://www.jri-poland.org/.

With great pleasure and on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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