Warszawa Research Group #Warsaw #Poland A heartfelt thank you from the board of JRI-Poland #poland #warsaw

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends of JRI-Poland:

On December 1st, I asked you - our users and supporters - to remember JRI-Poland in your year-end giving plans.

Now, as we near the end of the month and close out 2017, it appears we will be setting an all-time record for the number of donations received in any December since we first started 22 years ago. Recurring donations were also initiated which reflects a desire to continue supporting the organization that has made such a difference for your research.

We don't have a total yet...but the donations, big and small, will do what we set out to do...and that is raise funds to enhance our ability to continue to expand our database with additional entries and information for your town(s).

At the same time, many of you have written to comment on how important JRI-Poland has been to your research and for some for you, how our work has resulted in life-changing discoveries. We are very appreciative of the kind words we have received.

To all of you who have generously supported our activity this month and in the past, we thank you again. To researchers who have not yet made a donation to JRI-Poland, please take a moment to consider doing so before the year end. No donation s too small. The JRI-Poland online donations page can be found at: www.jri-poland.org/support.htm ;

Note: Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is an independent non-profit organization with its own administration, volunteers and fundraising. Because JRI-Poland's database, discussion group and website are hosted by JewishGen, as a courtesy to researchers, JRI-Poland enables its data search results to be displayed on JewishGen's All Poland Database.

Best wishes for 2018 to all our friends. May it be a health and continued success.

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.
Executive Director
On behalf of the Board of JRI-Poland

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