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From: J. Kutcher <jeff.kutcher@gmail.com>
Date: 19 July 2018 at 13:34
Subject: Postcard >from the Warsaw Ghetto 1940
To: warszawa@lyris.jewishgen.org

I would appreciate some help with two items.

1. The first is a postcard >from the Warsaw Ghetto October 23rd 1940,
the month of the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto >from Simcha Suknik
to his son Moshe who he had sent to Russia with the aim of getting the
rest of the family out of Poland. He managed to to help a sister and
her husband, but it looks like all the rest perished in the Ghetto.
I am not sure of the language but would appreciate a full translation
if possible


2. The second is an intriguing (love ?) poem sent in Poland in the 1930s.

Translation so far:

" I remember your clear ??? eyes burning ??? deep ????
I remember your melodious sounds
In quite silent days
your smart eyes
Let me to look as much as I want
In it I will forget my suffering and my ??? fate ??
signature: your teacher (male) and loving friend E??? A???"


Does anyone recognize the poem ? It could of course have been an original !!

Many thanks


Zmidek, Suknik, Lament, Ogniewicz .... of Chmielnik & Warsaw
Kutscher (Kuczer) of Jaroslaw
Sklarek of Gombin
Litmann of Lodz


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