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I am turning to you for assistance with my family's history. =C2=A0Most of =
my relatives emigrated to the US between 1870 and 1902. =C2=A0I have found =
many ships' manifests and other documents in relation to my family. =C2=A0H=
owever, there is one large missing link, my grandfather, Isidor Bergman, wh=
o was born in Warsaw on May 22, 1880 or 1882. =C2=A0(Some US documents show=
1880; others 1882.) =C2=A0His story is interesting. =C2=A0I had heard from=
my father that he (and a half brother) was brought to the US in 1890 or 18=
92 by his mother (Felicia or Feige Kierer Bergman) and left with an aunt (D=
ora Kierer Weinhandler) who married a wealthy German Jewish feather merchan=
t. =C2=A0The "story" was that Felicia (a concert pianist) "deposited" her t=
wo sons and said that she was going back to Europe to do a concert and neve=
r returned to the US. =C2=A0I have done considerable research myself and fo=
und that the Weinhandlers have a family burial plot in Queens, NY. =C2=A0I =
went to visit the plot and lo and behold, I found a tombstone for my great-=
grandmother, Felicia who died in 1907. The Hebrew indicates that she was an=
"important" woman. =C2=A0Interestingly enough, the tombstone indicates her=
maiden name (Kierer or Keyrer) which is unusual for Jewish families. =C2=
=A0In looking at the tombstones of her sisters, I determined that her fathe=
r was Yitzchak Zvi Kierer and then I found photos of the tombstone of Yitzc=
hak and his wife Etta in Warsaw at the Okopowa Street Cemetery.=C2=A0
I contacted and paid for a record search for my grandfather in Poland (arch=
iwum@warszawa.ap.gov.pl) and they said that there were no records. =C2=A0I =
am interested in finding any records about my grandfather, Isidor Bergman (=
his father was Avraham according to his tombstone, but it was SIMON on his =
Ketubah) and his mother, Felcia Kierer Bergman.
Abby Bergman
New York

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