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Jonina Duker <jonina.duker@...>

Carol Monosson Edan will be joining YTandV but in the interim requested
that the following be posted>

" I remember That the Workman's Circle was very active in Yiddish
Theatre. I remember the adult camp that my grandparents went to had
plays/concerts almost every weekend in a small ampitheatre in the woods
there in Framingham/Worcester Mass in the 40's. I even was in one play
learned my part by word of mouth as I don't speak Yiddish. Anyone living
in NY city area probably would find information on Yiddish
theatre/vaudville/operetta's etc >from YIVO. They have archives for the
Workman's circle." Note that the camp was active in the 30's and 40's.

MONOSSON/POLEY- Moscow/ Mogilev/Gomel

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