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Frederick & Michelle (Mikla) BLEICHER were my maternal great-grandparents.
Originally >from Bucuresti, they first came to the US in early 1899, when my
grandfather was 6 mos. old. My understanding is that they lived in NYC,
probably either Manhattan or the Lower East Side. They did not emigrate
here intentionally, or so says family legend. An acting team (leading lady
and man) in a troupe touring Yiddish Theaters around the world, they were
here to do their latest plays. GGF was apparently shot (accidentally) in
the process of performing his role one night, and his recovery lasted
longer than the troupe's NY run. (LOL!) Therefore, the Bleichers stayed
in NY.

Frederick and Mikla died prior to 1930, and I cannot find ANY record of
them. They had three children, Alexander (who changed his last name to
BLEECKER for vaudeville -- but that's another story for a later
posting...); Estelle (the baby) and another son, whose name may have been

Ringing any bells for anyone? My mother did not know them at all, having
been born in 1930, but knows that they probably only performed in New York
a few times, and that they knew both Molly Picon and Zero Mostel very well.

Any references/records/memories appreciated...


Marla Goldman
Mesa AZ

CYTRYN/CITRIN/other spellings - Russian provinces of Poland; REINER,
Germany/Moscow/New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Massachusetts

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