GILBERT family #galicia

Patrick Atlas <message@...>

I am searching for the GILBERT family emigrated to the USA >from
Galicia, Austria, via France in 1923.

Sam GILBERT was born GELBERGER in Brzesko, Galicia, Austria, on
July 4, 1893. He died in April 1969 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
He married Berthe KOLB on April 15, 1919. They had Antoinette on
Feb. 16, 1921 (Austria) and Irving on Oct. 30, 1927 (New York).
Irving died in New York on Nov. 8, 1992.

All I know is that Irving was married twice and had 4 children
(Jamy, John...). Antoinette had 3 children.

If anyone knows descendants of this family, I will thank him a lot!

Patrick Atlas

ATLAS (Lemberg-Lwow-Lviv, Poland - France - USA)
GELB(B)ERGER (Austria - France - USA - Israel)
CA(J)GFINGER/ZEIGFINGER (Poland - France - USA - Israel)

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