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slk <slk@...>

i have that book! - it is the only one that i had ever found mention of my
great grandfather - Jacob Katzman.

Moderator's Note: The newer book "Jacob Adler, A Life on the Stage",
published in 1999 has numerous references to Yankele Katzman.

From: hilary@proppersource.com
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 15:59:00 -0400
Subject: Book avail - Yiddish Theatre + Jacob Adler
Dear group,
While relaxing today, I perused the online auction listings. For sale
is a book, Yiddish Theatre and Jacob Adler. The auction has several
days yet to run.
I thought one of you might be interested in it; I'm not. The URL is (be
sure to copy the entire URL if it's split onto two lines)


Note: By doing a keyword search for <Yiddish>, I also found a photo of
the Yiddish National Theatre in NYC available.

Hilary Henkin
Interested in Yiddish theatre in Los Angeles and San Francisco during
the 1940-50's.

Moderator Notes:
The author, Lulla Adler Rosenfeld, has published no less than 3 books
related to the Yiddish actor Jacob P. Adler. The book referred to above
is an updated publication of the hardback book entitled "Bright Star of
Exile, Jacob Adler and the Yiddish Theater". The most recent book,
"Jacob Adler, A Life on the Stage", is Ms Rosenfeld's translation of
Jacob Adler's Memoirs.

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