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Bernie Levy <bernie-levy@...>

My grandfather was supposedly involved in Yiddish Theatre, according to
my mother and one of her sisters, but they don't seem to have much in
the way of confirmed or specific information.

His name as we know it was Morris Frank KAUDERER, born in Bukowina area
of Austria-Hungarian empire in 1889. He was one of five children of
Benyumin (Benjamin) Kauderer and Yetta THAU and also had 5 half-siblings
from his father's second wife. He probably came to the U.S. somewhere
between 1907 and 1911 and was married in 1911 in New York to my
grandmother Pauline BURG, also >from Bukowina.

His career was as an Optometrist (as were many others in his generation
of the family and later) in Philadelphia, PA >from 1916 until he died in

The information that I have gotten about his possible Yiddish Theatre
involvement was that he may have acted under the name Maurice KONRAD
(CONRAD) or Maurice Frank K(C)onrad. He may have worked with or in the
same period as Paul Muni and may have had something to do with the play
"The Good Earth". I don't know if this was in Europe or NYC or exactly
in what years.

I perused volume I of "The Lexicon of Yiddish Theatre" (in Yiddish,
borrowed >from a friend) and also searched an index of all or most of the
volumes which is on the Internet, and also spoke with the woman who is
president of the Hebrew Actors Union recently, but have come up with no
further information.

Does anyone have any further ways I can research this or know of
specific information? I just found out about this "discussion group" or
list-serve. Are there archives that can be searched? Thank you.

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT, USA

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