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This is my first time on this discussion group, so I apologise if the
format is not correct.
I am doing some genealogy research and my 2 x Gt Grand mother was called
Clara YOUNG. I know that she was a singer (opera perhaps) and was born in
Germany. Her first daughter was born in America (around 1890) . I cannot
find much about her but I did find reference to a Clara Young in the index
to the Yiddish Theatre (pages 25, 36, and 58).

Could this be the same person?

Does anybody know of a transcript or online images (I have a photo of Clara
Young so I could compare), or does somebody know anything about the Clara
Young in the book? I could then confirm or dismiss this line of research.

My 2 x Gt Grand mother was born in Saxony around 1870.

Any help would be much appreciated.

John Court

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