Yiddish Theatre and Vadeville #YiddishTheatre A Suggested Project for the YT&V group #yiddish

David Harris <dorsharris@...>

To the YT&V Membership:

Some of the Special Interest Groups engage in unique projects.
Frequently, they involve translations into English for the benefit of
the bulk of their members.

I have two memoirs written by important Yiddish actors of the early
20th century; both were written in Yiddish. To my knowledge, they
have not yet been translated. If anyone knows of translations,
please notify the membership by posting a message.

1. Book of My Life by Boris Thomashefsky, 386 pages, divided into 20 chapters.
2. My Life in the Theater by Boez Yong, 411 pages, divided into
sections of 1 to 10 pages each.

If we have enough volunteers willing to translate a few pages each,
we can provide a unique service. I would scan and forward via email
the pages in relatively high definition, so the characters can be
easily read. An alternative is to raise funds for a professional translation.

Is there enough interest in the effort?
Which of the two books should be translated first?
Do we have volunteers willing to do the translation?
If you have questions regarding the effort or are willing to consider
translating a few pages, you can contact me directly at

We will proceed only if there is enough interest to spread the effort, so as not
to be a burden to anyone.

Thank you.
David Harris
Moderator YT&V

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