AGAD Archive Project: New Indices Added to the JRI-Poland Online Database #galicia

Mark Halpern

It was in February that Jewish Records Indexing - Poland announced a
new multi-year agreement with the Polish State Archives to expand
access to Jewish records. At that time, I shared the news that the first
addition to the database as a result of this agreement were some
Rohatyn records indexed by the JRI-Poland team at the AGAD Archive
in Warsaw.

The AGAD Archive project continues and I am again proud to announce
the availability of additional indices online as follows:

Jagielnica 1877-1909 marriages
Jaworow 1848-76, 1900-04, 1905-10 births and 1861-76,
1877-1905 marriages
Mielnica 1896-1900 births
Monasterzyska 1905-07 marriages (regretfully there are only 3
marriages in this register)
Nadworna 1903-08 births and 1902-11 deaths
Podkamien 1907 deaths (regretfully there is only one death in this
Skalat 1906-09 births and 1902-07 deaths
Tarnopol 1906-11 deaths

We hope that these indices lead our fellow genealogists to new and
exciting discoveries.

The indexing continues with the records >from Chodorow, Drohobycz,
Jagielnica, Kozlow, Lwow, Mielnica, Przemyslany, Stary Sambor,
Tarnopol, Zolkiew (Zhovka) and more. The complete list of available
records that JRI-Poland plans to index can be found at

We plan to index all the Jewish vital records at the AGAD Archive. If
you are interested in seeing records for your town indexed, please
contact me privately.

Thank you and happy hunting.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

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