Yiddish Theatre and Vadeville #YiddishTheatre Re: Search for Trudy and Margie Thomas #yiddish


Marlene Horwitz asked for information about singers Margie and Trudy Thomas.
The web site Fultonhistory.com has numerous mentions of both Margie
and Trudy, but never as a team.

New York City radio spots are announced for the singers during the
1920's and 1930's. Trudy seems to have been a regular on WNEW and WMCA.

The May 4, 1935 New York Times notes that Margie Thomas is new at the
Brittwood nightclub.

There is no assurance that these finds are matches for Marlene
Horwitz's search. A possible resource is Variety Magazine.
Maybe others can help in locating information about them as a team.

David Harris
Silver Spring, MD

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