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July 21, 1998
Dear Cousin Hal,
We have been traveling lots! Bob started the 1st week after we
arrived with a

trip to Bulgaria and Armenia. We both were in Paris, Brussels, and

Poland in November and Bob spent one week in December in Armenia.=20

January we have been together in Washington, Moscow, Kiev (Ukraine),

(Bulgaria) & Bled (Slovenia) (all on business). In addition Bob has
been to

Romania & Georgia (that is not in the USA) and we were on a vacation
with 2

of our children in Turkey. This month we go back to Sofia and next
month back

to Moscow. As you can see we are not "stay-at-homes". In fact due to
all the

traveling we are just beginning to explore Budapest. We really love
it here.

Your travels to the various capitals sounds intriguing. Also, Bob's
trip to the home-land of Josef Stalin in Tiblis, Georgia. Moscow must
have been something to behold

We were on an Agean Sea for our 7-day cruise after our 6-day land tour
in early July. It was marvelous. Still much more to see and experience,
but JoAnn mentioned a Nile cruise & Israel for next year. Having never
been there, I'm revving up to go. She surprised me by mentioning to
some of our tour-mates about a South American excursion. It would have
been ironic if we crossed paths while in that region; even more so if
we had known that Iris Litt & her husband were traversing the area as
well. Maybe another mini cuzzin-club gathering.

=46or a brief report on our Ageaen tour:

We left on June 30 for a tour to Greece and Turkey. We flew to Athens
and spent five days touring Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae,
Epidaurus, and Nauplia. We spent the next seven days on a cruise to

Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Patmos, Kushadasi, Canakalle, Istanboul's
bizarre bazaar, and Mykonos. We're really still excited about the trip
and have lots to tell you; We got back wee AM 15 July and still are
catching up on sleep while I'm recovering >from a severe head cold &
cough. [It is all gone now.]

We returned home during the wee hours Wednesday after spending a
dawdling restful day & evening in Manhattan. We would never have made
the connection between the airports so we acted like royalty; much in
the same way we were treated on our 7-day cruise among the Greek Isles.
The 6-day land tour was great as well, but we [hah! JoAnn] didn't have
to unpack & repack daily after we boarded the Stella Solaris.
=46ortunately, we walked & walked on the expositions of the ruins. Thus,
I only gained 7.5 lbs. I'm returning to pre-trip weight with the help
of a severe head cold & cough. It's about gone now, so I'm catching up
on the correspondence, additional discoveries, & corrections.

On board our ship was one Prof. Sergei Kruschev [son of Nikita] Senior
=46ellow at Brown University. He held a seminar on the economy, ecology,
& polity of Russia and Byeloruss today. Unfortunately, we missed it
because of a prescheduled excursion. But I did meet with him later and
he assured me that their problem is not bloated bureaucracy but the
lack of bodies & minds to handle the myriad intricacy of the capitalist
world & market economy. He is an imposing fellow; robust, rotund, and
much taller than his father.

Our guide did mention the ingenuity of the NAZIs when annihilating the
Jews of Greece. Salonikus, located in the northern part of Greece
housing over 62,000 Jews, where Jews had resided for 2,240 years were
taken enmass, placed in containers then sealed, loaded on ships, and
taken to sea and dumped where they were drowned or suffocated. Greece
holds the dubious distinction of matching the proportion of Poland's
Jews who were massacred: [94%] ninety-four percent.

On the island of Rhodes [Rodus] 2,000 Jews populated the area; now
there are descendants of four families only. Jews resided there for
over 2,000 years numbering about 2,200 souls. Jews began emigrating in
the late 1920's & early 1930's. >from 1912 till 1943, this island was
dominated and governed by Italy and its regime of Fascists headed by Il
Duce', Benito Mussolini =3D one of Hitler's teachers. So Greece's Jews
learned early that horrible, terrible times were in the offing.

Rhodes' synagogue still stands on a sheltered street near the center of
the walled-city. Its architecture is Sephardik with the Bimah in the
center. The mekhitzah is up high, about 16 feet above the men's sanctum
sanctorum. An Auschwitz survivor, Luchia cares for the structure. A
memorial hands just outside on the wall next to the entry-way. A
holocaust memorial was erected in Athens in recent months but we did
not get to see it.

Sorry I did not have time to reply sooner but here goes. Looking back
on all

your notes to me about Itchik Bellchikov's arrival in the States I am
not sure

what is the cause of the confusion, but maybe it is that my
information is not

complete ( I do not know what Canadian port-of-entry he traversed ,
the dates,

or where he crossed the border). The vessel that he first arrived in
the US

with the Berson brothers was definitely the steamer LUCANIA (Cunard),

from Liverpool, England and arriving on June 25, 1904 in New York. He

held for a period that included 13 breakfast and suppers and 14
dinners so

this is probably consistent with his departure on the UMBRIA which
arrived in

New York >from Liverpool on approximately July 2 (probably departing a
few days

later). The Berson brothers were listed as having their passage paid

"brother" & Itchik was listed as having his passage paid by "self".=20

were listed as going to an address in the NY area to be with a
brother. I did

not copy down the address but it was listed in the ship manifest

difficult to read). They were listed as having the same amount of
money as

Itchik. If the person who came to meet the Berson brothers also was
there to

meet Itchik then there must have been another reason Itchik was
deported. It

does not seem to be health as it is listed as "likely to be a public

(not enough money or no one to vouch for him on arrival). As I
understand it

your dad arrived in Boston around August 25, so there were several

between the two boat arrivals.
According to the Ivernia manifest. Pop was 28 years of age, glazier,
paid passage 'self', with '$10.' ['$8' was crossed], destined for NYC,
to Cousin Simon Chavinson. Obviously, Pop didn't have the $50. that was
used as the measure of paragon or pauper. He did bet by, though. Pop
remained in NYC for six months; he went to Bellevue first when he went
to Ohio, then there is the horse story

which I'll send to you.

Unfortunately Rachel has no information , nor do I, as to how she

Sonya Russakov (no address, no tel #, no married name of Sonya's

She did not even speak to her as she was out of St. Petersburg at the

Rachel called. Alas, I regret this now. Any suggestions as to how to

the married daughter ?
Among the great things that are happening:

Kress Rosenthal called last Friday night in response to my message some
weeks ago. A marvelous call-back. He recently returned >from Europe and
got my message. We had quite a chat. While I remember him quite well,
he does not remember me at all. He knows a lot about the Chavinsons &
Russakovs but remembers little of Columbus and in no way can place the
relatives >from there. I'm sure my explanation was murky at best and in
some cases, seemingly contradictory.=20

Apparently, he was inquisitive and he learned much >from his
grandparents. He asserts that Simon & Dora were cuzzins prior to their
marriage. He remembers Aunt Sarah/Yetta quite well. Remembers Merci &
Jeanie quite well. Affirms that Merci was beautiful. Knows the
difference between Maurice Ross & Morris Russakoff; the latter with the
shoe store in Cleveland. Remembers Herbie. Remembers Senia the dancer;
Dvera >from New York; Harry & Ruth Sabgir >from Akron; Jerry & Maxie

When I spelt my name, he asked if my Dad was 'Meyer'?; when I told him
Mendel/Max, he couldn't place him nor our home which he visited with
Simon, Dora, Ben, & Nettie. He does remember Khai Ester and Gallipolis.
He also remembers the names Zolmon & Leon. So he does have a fairly
comprehensive knowledge of all the older folks in the mischpokhe.
Likely, he had little interaction with his father. He did see him a few
times before Sam in Florida. =20

Regarding Russia, Kress visited there in 1961. Not a good time
particularly with the Soviet-backed buildup in Cuba. But, he did meet
with the same cuzzins apparently. He recalls meeting Rokhel, and after
an extended time with another in-law who was a government official, was
able to chat with her briefly in another room. I am certain Kress told
me she was a physician as was her husband. But the meeting only was
slightly warmer than your Rachel experienced. They were not very


I timed my April arrival in the States to be one week before Lucy

Edelstein's arrival , but she arrived 24 hours after I did. ( April
7th , at

a hospital in New York on E. 77th St. , weighing 7lbs. 7 oz.) How
clever of

her to wait for her grandmother to arrive before she made her
appearance. I

spent 2 weeks with Rachel & David at their new apartment in Park

Brooklyn learning that Dr. Spock is not so outdated (except for diet).

was in Washington for 5 days for some meetings so he dashed up to NY
and got

to visit with our first grandchild. Rachel's doctor was very anti-

and recommended that we give her the tip of our baby finger when she

I can report that a small infant with a strong sucking instinct can
produce a

wrinkled finger after 45 minutes of sucking. At 2 weeks we tried the

but unfortunately by then she must of known the finger produced

company and she turned down 6 different pacifiers. Fortunately my
finger is

back in Budapest=D6=D6 but I do miss her.=20
Mazel Tov! on your new granddotter. Lucy Rose is entered into the
mischpokhe book-of-life. Unfortunately, I already had created new
Descendant Reports and distributed them before I got your e-m. I have
copies for you but am unsure of which method would be most expedient
for sending them to you. I concur with Rachel's pediatrician. No
pacifiers! Grandparents taste better. Susie uses them for my grandsons
and they look like they have no mouth and their nose has a red bulb
appended to it. Obviously, your granddotter is smarter than my
grandsons and their parents.

After NY I hurried back to DC for one week to close and put into

storage my pottery studio, clay & equipment & msc.. Emily, Ben & Jed

us here in May. (Rachel & David were here in Dec). I returned

to DC in June as Emily had emergency abdominal surgery for a cyst.
Fortunately all went well--no bad news.
Very glad to hear that your surgery was without untoward incident and
the outcome went well.


What an exciting Spring! I try to send out newsletters to friends as

travel schedule permits so I will put you on the list and stay in
touch that

I'm pleased to be on your N-L list. Bear with me when I don't reply
immediately; I'm swapping myself with little projects in addition to
the feedback I'm getting. [I love it!]=20

Fondly, Cousin Annette=20

July 27, 1998

Hi again Hal, I went back over the e-mails you sent me & have a few
things to add.=20

=46irst, Bob's work here is with the U.S. Treasury Dept. (not Justice)

involves giving advice about income tax programs. A small point but
thought we

should set the record straight.

<<<<I have set the record straight in the book-of-life.

Second, the woman Rachel spoke to in St. Petersburg years ago was not

Russakov (she was out-of-town & they said she was not well). She spoke

Sonya's daughter (who was a physician) and the daughter's husband.

someone else in the family has more information as to how I might try
to find

her (or her family). I will eventually be going to St. Petersburg and

be glad to follow any leads.

<<<<I believe I have that correct as you had written it to me. Further
dialogue between Kress & me should shake more facts & names and I will
addend them to the records. We also may get more info >from others as

Third, congratulations on the new birth in your family. I imagine each

grandchild is pretty exciting----(I'm new to this game but it's not
hard to

enjoy). My son Ben has moved to the Detroit area (working for Reuters

agency as a business reporter) so if they know of any nice single
Jewish girls

for a 32 year old let me know.

<<<<Thanx for the good wishes. We have a Bar Mitzvah in Oak Park 24
October for the oldest brother, Elliott Joshua. We need Ben's
snail-mail address; I would like to meet him, and I'm sure my kids
would, too. As far as a lady-friend for Ben, who knows? Many a shiddokh
were made at such simkhas.

=46ourth, it seems to me that there are two different steamers. One the

that my grandfather initially arrived on and the other the IVERNIA

identified as the LACARNIA?) that your Pop arrived on. Morton's Allen
is a

great source of information but in the case of Itchik Bellchikov the

did indeed arrive on June 25, 1904 so I don't think he was on the same
boat as

your Pop. Does this sound right given the information you have? How
did you

find out the original POE of the Ivernia? I would be interested in your

so I can look up both Gita & Itchik's boats. You must be having such
fun with

all the information you are getting. Annette

<<<<In regard to the Bellchikov lineage and itinerary, Merci just sent
me her chart about the six offspring of Beryl Mayer & Gitla Bellichikov
with notes of possible contacts. Maybe they will have some information
about the way-laying of your granddad. So far, I have only bits and
pieces. One day, I'll have to tape Merci, Joe, & you for more details.

Regarding my Pop, I always knew he embarked >from Liverpool and debarked
in Boston. Obviously, that was only the second leg of the journey. If
you recall when we all met at Jerry & Mindy's last year in Baltimore, I
showed y'all a set of documents that I had retrieved >from the Hocking
County [Logan] Court House. These included Declarations of Intention
for citizenship and Petitions for Naturalization for Pop, my Unkle &
Aunt, Yankel & Muse Enkan [sic], & Aunt Dweire Magit [sic]; Pop's
stated: "I emigrated >from <underline>Libau, Russia</underline>...on the
<underline>SS Ivernia</underline>..." and a trove of other valuable
information. These documents included the wife's first name only, the
children's names & ages, and the sponsors as witnesses. When we are in
Columbus, I'm researching the Ohio archives for various records and
will check Sandusky County to see if the Bellevue records reveal
anymore info.

In the same vein, I have short testaments >from Abe & Ben Yenkin of how
Pop brought them here, and about the Bellevue Pferd [horse] brought Pop
from Bellevue to Columbus. Fun? This last story is a HOOT!

=46inally, two other points of interest. Jerry Rothal was in NMB visiting
Ricky, Eva and the grandkids. He invited us to spend the afternoon &
evening; and to have dinner with them. It was great being with them
again. Jared is just 2 yoa; the last time we saw him was at his bris.

Herbie & Rita Russakoff have joined the internet party. I have copied
them as I have copied as many cuzzins as I could. Indulge me my long
palaver. Also, Sonia & Bert sent a copy of the Cleveland Independent
with your Aunt Molly Bell, her dotter, gr-dotter, & g-gr-dotter all in
a kitchen cooking situation. Much to convey though. Khai vAhavah, Hal

<bigger> =20

VITEBSK Guberniya: Usvyaty=3DUzhvit, Velizh=3DVeliz, Surazh=3DSuraz, Borisov=
Velikiye-Luki, Nevel, Kopreva, Vitebsk shtodt, Berezhukha;

VOLHYN Guberniya: Portisk=3DPoryck=3DPavlovka, Lutzk=3DLuck,
Gorokhov=3DHorochow=3DHorchiv, Lokatchi=3DLokache, Ludmir=3DVladimir,
Swiniuchii=3DSviynokh, Shklin, Brody, Torchin, Tur'ysk=3DTrisk,
Rovno=3DRiwni, Kovel=3DKovla, Kupichov, Ozeriany;

Hal MAGGIED, PhD AICP Ohio State Alumnus <<drmaggoo@ix.netcom.com>


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