New York Genealogy Class will begin June 1 #galicia

Phyllis Kramer

So many of our immigrant ancestors lived in New York City -- they
started on the Lower East Side and upgraded to the Bronx and Brooklyn;
their children moved to Queens, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey.

Sure we have the census >from Ancestry and vital records >from ItalianGen
but this class will focus on the more esoteric documents our ancestors
generated -- naturalization, probate, landsmanshaften, voters registration,
newspapers, court cases -- and we will note which documents will only be
found on-site at various archives. We include suggestions on where to
research, where to wander and how to get there. Students will have the
opportunity to select a branch to research and receive suggestions >from
the instructor.

This 4 week Intermediate level genealogy course has 7 text lessons you
can download; there are no specific times for the course; students interact
with the instructor through a 24/7 FORUM, in a query and answer format.
To see a short video on how our courses work, go to and view the video at the very bottom of
the page. Note: these are intermediate genealogy topics and if you wish to
pursue another U.S. city, the instructor will be happy to work with you.

Requirements: Students must feel comfortable browsing the web and
downloading files, have 5-10 hours available each week and should
select a family where census and vital records are already documented.
Tuition is $100 (there are no waivers for this course); registration is open;
go to and click on the enrollment link. For
questions, please email

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens Fla
VP Education, JewishGen

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