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Paul Weinberg <pweinbergpe@...>

Dear Martin,

I have asked, on several occasions in the past, if anyone knows
of a Yizkor Book >from the town of Kalush, which is now in the Ukraine.
My grandparents, Samson Aaron Schussler and his wife Pearl (Perl or
Peppi) Kummel (Kumel or Kimmel or Kimel) come >from that town. I haven't
seen a shred of evidence confirming it. Lucky I have some living
relatives who attest to it. Anyone out there hear of anything, lately?

The grandfather of my cousin comes >from Ostrovtzer, Poland. His
last name is Nusynoviecz (Nusynowitz). Can anyone give some info on
that one?

Looking forward to a response. Paul Weinberg


[Moderator's Note: There is a book for Kalush, which you will find if you
search the database at <http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/database.html>.
Use the "Town - exact spelling" search method to avoid a lot of false

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