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Susannah R. Juni <sjuni@...>

I have not tried searching for Yizkor books at the sources listed below,
but if anyone has any luck, please let me know. If either of them works,
I'll add a link to the Yizkor Book Project's Retail List. The following
info was sent to me by Amazon.com in response to a query I'd sent them. It
could be a great source. Has anyone tried EBay.com for Yizkor books yet?
(Don't laugh.) I know people who have found other rare foreign language
books there.

If anyone has a moment to try these sources, please let us know if thye work.


Susannah Juni

I would recommend searching for this title on Bibliofind
(http://www.bibliofind.com). Bibliofind lists 10 million used,
antiquarian and rare books offered for sale by thousands of book
sellers around the world, so it's quite possible that you'll find the
book listed there. Their listings are updated frequently, so I
encourage you to check back periodically if you don't find the book
you're seeking right away.

You might also try browsing the book categories on Amazon.com Auctions
(http://auctions.amazon.com) to see if anyone is selling a copy of
this book there.

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