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Susannah R. Juni <sjuni@...>

Several people recently wrote to inquire about the book described below.
YIVO has this book, and its call number there is: LC 746 P6 K34.

<<Lerer Yizkor book: di umgekumene lerer fun Tsisho shuln in
Poyln". (Teacher Yizkor Book: The Murdered Teachers of TSISHO
Schools in Poland) Edited by Hayim Solomon Kasdan. [Kazdan, Hayyim
Solomon, 1883-1979]. (New York: Zydowski Centralna Organizacja Szkolna,
1952-1954). 566 pages. In Yiddish. >>

[TSISHO was the Tsentrale Yiddishe Shul-Organizatsye, the Central
Jewish School Organization, a network of Yiddish-language
educational institutions in Poland.]

zayt gezint,
Susannah Juni

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