Yizkor Books #YizkorBooks Ruzhany - Pruzhany and What is the point of this Digest? #yizkorbooks


Ruzhany was a town in Pruzhany uezd of Grodno guberniya.
Pruzhany was the district town of Pruzhany uezd.
This sort of information can be ascertained at the Shtetls
of Belarus website. Differentiating the towns is possible through
the use of the ShtetlSeeker.

I would appreciate an explanation of the sort of information that
is relevant on this digest. I thought queries were to pertain yizkor
books, either translation, translation funding, or procurement of
additional yizkor information. Was I incorrect in this assumption?
Could the moderator please clarify the sort of information the
Digest is to cover--included and excluded?
Thank you.
Ellen Sadove Renck-NY

MODERATOR NOTE: This moderator likes to take a generous approach toward
which messages may be posted here. In this case the person who asked the
question was trying to figure out whether she was looking for one or two
Yizkor books, and so her question was deemed relevant.

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