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This just in, everyone. Enjoy!

Denmark SIG is happy to announce a NEW EXCITING PROJECT:

Burials on Jewish cemeteries in Copenhagen, Denmark
1694 - 1915
JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry


Elias Levin, a 91-year-old Dane, has given permission to the
Denmark SIG to digitize his four first books for the OWBR.

The four books cover the period 1694 - 1915. The persons
buried come >from most of Europe - some of the first
families were Sephardim - particularly in the first two
centuries, later (>from 1880) >from Eastern Europe.

The first Jews in Denmark had family ties with Jews in
other countries in Europe, and some settled in Denmark for
a while and then went back to where they came >from -- or
somewhere else.

from the mid-17th century and until the mid-19th century
Schlewsig-Holstein belonged to the Danish King (i.e. Denmark).

So even though you do not know of Danish ancestors, you might
find information pertaining to your families in the burial

Elias Levin, has since his return >from Theresienstadt
worked on photographing, transliterating, indexing and
publishing the tombstones on the Jewish cemeteries in
Copenhagen, Denmark.

This has till now resulted in five books:
1. "Den gamle j=F8diske begravelsesplads i M=F8llegade
1694-1994=94. (Vol. I & II). Copenhagen, 1994.
(Registry of burials on the old cemetery the
so-called Northern or Moellegade Cemetery).
2. =93J=F8diske Gravstene 1886-1915 p=E5 Mosaisk Vestre
Begravelsesplads=94 (Jewish tombstones 1886-1915
on Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery, Copenhagen, Denmark).
Copenhagen, 1986. Registry of all burials from
1886-1900 (Vol. I) and 1900-1915 (Vol. II) on
new cemetery (Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery)
3. "J=F8diske Gravstene 1991-1999 p=E5 Mosaisk Vestre
begravelsesplads=94 (Jewish tombstones 1991-1999 on
Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery, Copenhagen, Denmark).
Copenhagen, 2000. Registry of all burials from

It is a work in progress as he is still working on the
project that he has taken upon himself. He is preparing
a new book on burials 1999 and 2000, and at the same time
he is trying to fill out the gap between 1915-1991. There
are published listings of the burials but not with photos
of the tombstones.

He is planning on publishing the listings with photos and
other genealogical information >from the vital records.

You can read more about the cemeteries in Copenhagen (and
see some photos) as well as listings of surnames of those
buried there on Denmark SIGs website


or go directly to the webpage for cemeteries in Copenhagen:

We need your help, please support this project by
sending some money.

You can go to:


or you can send a check payable to JewishGen
- but remember to write that it is for the
"Denmark SIG Burial Registry"


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Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & Webmaster of
JewishGen Denmark SIG

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