Yizkor Books #YizkorBooks Re: Please Read Before Installing AOL 6.0 #yizkorbooks

Beverly <bev7@...>

I know positively nothing about AOL, but is it not possible for users to use
Outlook Express or Netscape mail programs without changing or adding another
email address??

Bev Shulster
Yehud, Israel

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MODERATOR NOTE: Those of you who have already installed AOL 6.0 may want
go back to an earlier version of AOL for sending messages to the Yizkor
discussion group. If you no longer have an earlier version available, you
can use one of the free email services listed below for sending
to Yizkor. You will have to change your Yizkor subscription to the email
address of your alternate email service in order to post to the list from
that email address.


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