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Carol Edan wrote on 15 Nov 2000 :

As a volunteer HTMLer I would like to add some of my observations.
Recently I received 4 chapters to be added to a book that were in HTML
format. Contrary to thought that this format may help us in our work,
it is the exactly the opposite. Many programs for changing word documents
to HTML use many tags/commands that are superfluous and not in standards
of pages on the site. The time making/deleting/changing all these commands
is quite time consuming. I found that I had to copy /paste the material
on a new document and transfer it to a new html blank page.
Why not send the files back to the person who submitted them, explaining
what the problem was and what the standards are so that they could make the
pages compatible. Could you share with us more details about how the pages
were not compatible?

I don't think it should be difficult for those of us who have HTML skills to
submit HTML pages that are compatible with the JewishGen standards for HTML
if we knew what these standards were.

Barbara Yeager

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