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Linda Sluchak wrote:
"> Is there a Yiskor book for the city? Any direction you can give me would
be greatly appreciated. "

The Pinsk association in Israel has a web site: www.pinskjew.com made by Mr.
Nachum Boneh, the chairman of the association. Mr. Boneh's article about
Pinsk Jews during the war, published in the Pinsk Yizkor Book, is on his way
to the Yizkor Book project of the JewishGen in the near future.
In the following web site you can find Mr. Nachum Boneh's article about the
Pinsk Jews in the Ghetto. The article is an introduction to the database of
Pinsk Ghetto List. See
Searching for relatives in the Ghetto list can be done at:
You can also find more information about Pinsk Jews at the "Family Finder"
and the "Discussion Group Archives" of www.jewishgen.org .
I hope all the information above will help you and others in your research,

Ronit Zadikov
Raanana, Israel

TEPMAN (Belarus\Pinsk, Poland\Otwock),
PEREKHODNIK (Belarus\Plotnize,Poland\Otwock)
WALDMAN (Belarus\Pohost)
BOROK (Ukraine\Uspenovka)
YELISHEVICH, GURBANOV (Ukraine\Gorkaya, Azarevich)

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