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Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

Beverly Shulster <bev7@barak-online.net> wrote:

I wonder if we could have some guidance for uniformity in translation
of the Pinkasei HaKehilot.

In the set of Polish books:
At the start of each chapter is the name of the town and then beneath
it in parentheses are the names of the seats of the higher levels of
government, which would roughly be equivalent to city/county/state
in United States terms. I believe we should be uniform in the words
we use that indicate these divisions. District? Gubernia? what?

Specifically, how should we translate "Nefat" and "Machoz"?

In my particular example, (town) Bukaczowce
NEFAT Rohatyn
MACHOZ Stanislavov

The "Pinkas HaKehillot" volumes are based upon the pre-war boundaries
and jurisdictions. Between the two world wars, Poland was divided
into 16 "wojewodztwa", which were each subdivided into "powiat".

The Hebrew "Makhoz" corresponds to the "wojewodztwo", and the "Nefat"
corresponds to the "powiat". The best English translations for these
two are probably "province" and "district", respectively.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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