Viewmate: "People Who Suffered During the War" - WWI list for Strzeliska Nowe for Silbermann and Klein #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Dear Galitzianers:

I've posted a document >from 1917-18 in Polish (>from the Lviv archives)
for which I need a translation. The Polish title is: "Wykaz budynkow
miejskich czesciowo uszkodzonych" or "List of municipal buildings
partially damaged."

In the archival catalog these records, labeled "list of the people who
suffered during the war," are an excellent alternative resource for
learning personal details about the lives of those who lived through
the terrible hardships of WWI in the shtetls and villages of Galicia.
Often you can find follow-up documents, which include architectural
plans, estimates for repairs to the houses, accounting of building
additions, etc. This particular page recounts damage suffered by two
homeowners during WWI, Rosa (i Taube) Silbermann and Gittel Klein,
who lived in the Rynek (market square) in Strzeliska Nowe (Strilychi
Novi), Galicia/Poland.

It is on ViewMate here:

If you are curious to see which other Galician towns have these same
lists, which were found in the landowner records (Fond 146) check the
Gesher Galicia cadastral map and landowner records inventory by town:

We have not inventoried every town yet, nor have we acquired many of
these lists yet, but are planning to get more over the next year. (The
entries for this town were over 100 pages.) Eventually the names of the
homeowners with house numbers will be indexed and included in the
All Galicia Database. (For historical town research, information about
damages to the synagogue, mikvah and cheders would also be found
in these records.)

I have no relationship to these people -- this single page was pulled
as a sample to be incorporated into a presentation. I don't know if
these lists exist for other regions -- but others may. If you have
experience with them, please share with the group!

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much.

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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