Yizkor Books #YizkorBooks A Polish question from the Zgierz Yizkor book #yizkorbooks

Jerrold and Tzippy Landau <landau@...>

Hi all. I am new to this list, as of today. I am involved in
translating Yizkor books, and on occasion, I come across a Polish word
(in Hebrew or Yiddish transliteration) that I am not sure how to
translate. I am not sure if this is legitimate type of question
material for this list, but if it is, I would appreciate any help.

The word I ran across today is "Git Luczmiec." I suspect that it has to
do with trash collection. Can anyone confirm, or clarify the spelling?


Jerrold Landau

MODERATOR NOTE: Welcome to the list, Jerrold! Your question is entirely
on-topic. Please do remember to set your email program to plain text, as
messages in multipart mime come across with a lot of gobbledygook that
the moderators have to remove before posting.

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