Yizkor Books #YizkorBooks Re: Coordinator's thanks to Yizkor book fund donors #yizkorbooks

Jan Meisels Allen <janmallen@...>

Dear Marion:

When ever there is a contribution to either of the 2 Yizkor Books I
coordinate - Stawiski and Sochaczew (Poland) I ALWAYS send a thank you - by
e-mail or if no e-mail address known then snail mail. I agree that it is the
coordinator who has to do the majority of fundraising and sending thank yous
is a way to keep it going.

I send e-mails out to all those I know for the two YB shtetls and keep them
advised when new translations are on-line. In those e-mails I always ask of
more donations and ask for them to let me know when donations are made so I
can cross check I agree that there is no good cross check now. A person in
England told me they made a contribution to theSochaczew YB back in June and
to date I have not seen it listed. I don't know if they didn't send it, sent
it and it was incorrectly credited or when they sent it the check was not
received or they incorrectly made it out to the YB fund and didn't correctly
specify which YB translation. I agree a better system should be developed.

Jan Meisels Allen
Agoura Hills, CA
Coordinator, Stawiski and Sochaczew Yizkor Book Translations

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