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Joyce Field <jfield@...>

We have been fortunate to receive >from volunteers numerous translations
from the multi-volume "Pinkas HaKehillot" published by Yad Vashem.
This encyclopedia of Jewish communities is invaluable, as it covers
many small communities for which no yizkor books were written.

Thus far we have translations of the following:

Latvia: 1 town

Lithuania: 2 volumes: 10 towns

Poland: 7 volumes

v.1: Lodz region: 46 towns
v.2: Eastern Galicia: 18 towns
v.3: Western Galicia: 7 towns
v.4: Warsaw region: 4 towns
v.7: Kielce and Lublin: 11 towns

Romania: 2 volumes: 5 towns

There is still much to do, as you can see. The procedures are very easy.

If you are interested in translating a chapter (each town is a
chapter), just send me an email indicating the name of the town,
the volume in which the material appears, the page numbers, and the
geographical coordinates of the town (to avoid confusion as some
towns have the same name). As we have an online index only of the
Polish towns in the Pinkas, you will have to use other resources to
get this information.

After receiving your request, I secure permission >from Yad Vashem,
which usually takes only a few days.

It would be appreciated if indices could be created for all the
other volumes. Ada Holtzman created the index for Poland at

Numerous people have offered to translate chapters (or commission the
translation), and I then have heard no more >from them. If you are in
this category, please contact me to let me know if you are still

I hope that reading the excellent online translations will inspire
you to contribute a translation.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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